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tribute to founder

Sri. S. P. Sampathy, the Founder of the Siva Sivani Group of Educational Institutions, was drawn towards imparting education by a twist of fate in 1961, when he started a school at Sanathnagar in a rented building.

With a paltry amount of money in his pocket and grit writ large on his face, our illustrious Founder braved all odds to establish and leave behind an empire with assets worth several crores of rupees and more importantly several thousand pupils across the globe, contributing their mite towards the peace, progress and prosperity of the human society at large. In the words of Sri. S. P. Sampathy himself Being the Founder of this group and having a major role to play in its growth, my personality and mindset have become one with that of the institution.

Sri. S. P. Sampathy never believed in preaching without practicing. He would often say that to surmount the innumerable obstacles in their paths, every person, from any walk of life, must be determined, courageous and hard-working to be successful. It is this very same conviction of his, which led him to start a school at Banjara Hills, a remote part of Hyderabad in 1979 and now the most sought-after place.

In search of quality infrastructure for his beloved students, the schools were shifted from one rented building to other bigger and spacious ones over the years. Yet it did not satisfy the Chief of Siva Sivani. More than anything else, the fact that proper playgrounds, which play a pivotal role in the all round development of the child, were unavailable in any of the rented buildings. In order to provide this vital ingredient, the organization acquired land on the outskirts of the twin cities in 1983 and, later in 1989, at Kompally which now houses the Siva Sivani Institute of Management.

Siva Sivani Institute of Management was started in 1992 with approval from the All India Council for Technical Education, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India. The Institute was initially housed in a building with traditional classrooms, which was not thought of as prudent by the progressive thinking Sri.S.P.Sampathy, in the wake of the developments in leaps and bounds in the world of education and more so in Management Education and Information Technology.

An idea of a paperless classroom was conceived in the late 1990s as a result of long and focussed discussions. The zeal, enthusiasm and determination of Sri S.P. Sampathy enabled the conversion of the dream into a reality when the most advanced, truly paperless classrooms, comparable to the best in the world were inaugurated on the 22n d of October, 2002. Constant improvements have been made over the years and are still being made to keep the technology, if not ahead of, at least abreast with the ever changing times.

Over a period of nearly four and a half decades, Sri.S.P.Sampathy and his organisation have contributed their mite towards making the Country and the World a better place to live in. There is no district in Andhra Pradesh, no state in India and no Country in the World where the alumni of Siva Sivani have not made their presence felt. There is no profession or sector from education to law, engineering to medicine, life sciences to social sciences, defence to business, Government to Private where the indelible stamp of Siva Sivani has not left its mark.

During his life time, Sri.S.P.Sampathy held a lot of Honorary posts including the President of the Andhra Pradesh Private Schools Association, Convener ISC and ICSE Examinations of Hyderabad, Advisory Member on Boards of various Educational Institutions to mention a few.

He was the recipient of the Best Vidyapeeth Award presented by His Excellency, Sri S.P. Sampathy The Governor of Andhra Pradesh, the Arch of Excellence Award, the Teacher of Teachers Award amongst innumerable other appreciations and accolades.

Sri.S.P.Sampathy believed that teamwork is the backbone of the colossal success that he achieved and discipline is its most important ingredient. He would say that all other virtues in a human being or an organization for that matter, would inevitably and invariably follow discipline.

The saga of this noble soul came to an abrupt end on the 11t h of February 2005.

The legacy left behind by Sri.S.P.Sampathy in striving for the cause of education is unparalleled and a daunting task for his successors in office. It is probably one in millions of people who strives all his life for a noble cause, build an organization worth millions of times than the initial capital invested, brave all odds and leave the material world with not an inch of land to call their own.

We at Siva Sivani rededicate ourselves to work towards the realization of the dreams of our great Founder.