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Research Activities

The main thrust of research@SSIM would be on aspects related to SSIM’s main work and hence it is linked to teaching/training as well. Individual researchers will any pursue research in their own areas of strength/specialization. Sponsored research is largely driven by the availability of funds. Having created centre, SSIM has started encouraging faculty to carry out research in their area of operation. SSIM being a management institute, its research agenda would cover study of aspects relating to the management of public goods and delivery of services, through case studies, specially, on competitiveness. It will do so by establishing networks among different institutions/stakeholders for carrying out research. Being a premier management institute, there is both a need and justification for research to have national and international focus. Therefore SSIM identified the following four thrust areas for future research in multidisciplinary teams:

  • Cross cultural research/comparative management
  • Mergers, acquisitions and takeovers
  • Indian business/management
  • Global business


1.) Resource Building :- Research Dept. needs faculty members specializing in statistics and research subjects. This could be arranged without additional implications through internal transfers.
2.) FDP : Two Annual FDPs conducted on research methods in the following. 1) Business Research Process for
2) Applied research methods in business management
3.) Research Labs :-Faculty members research needs are supplied in the labs. Research lab is virtual in nature. Concerned senior professors lead functional research labs and encourage junior faculty members to pursue their research works
4.) Working papers are encouraged in these labs. Each faculty member is encouraged to pursue their working papers. These papers in their draft form are kept in library for any reviews to give anonymous comments before finalizing the paper.
5.) Senior professors provide advise to the junior faculty in their PhD work.
6.) Consulting :- To collaborate with members of MDP area for pursuing consulting assignments involving research inputs.

Research Committee

Minutes of the Meeting held on 30/6/2012,with an agenda to streamline the activities of the research area Members attended

  • Prof.Chandra Sekhar SF
  • Prof.B.Muralidhara Rao
  • Prof.S.V.Raman Rao
  • Prof.L.Krishnaveni
  • Prof.Madhavi Pandya
  • Dr.K.S.Harish
  • Prof.V.G.Chari

Agenda : the working of Research committee, objectives, its structure and priorities of work to be undertaken.


  • Area chair has presented the detailed note on the working of the research committee and the objectives of the committee. The major focus of presentation was on making research activities more of applied nature in business management discipline. Further, the committee members were asked to integrate research work with training and teaching assignment.
  • All the members were encouraged to initiate the scheme “working papers series”. Each and every faculty members shall conduct at least one working paper in their respective fields of specialization or area of interest. Such papers need to be kept in the print draft form in the library for anybody to comment on them. Such comments may be collected for fine tuning the paper before sending it for publishing.
  • It has been resolved to conduct two FDPs every year on basic and applied research methods for the faculty members of the institute and for the outside faculty as well.
  • It is also proposed and resolved to conduct one international conference on business research once in every two years.
  • The members were asked to encourage their respective faculty colleagues to publish research papers in our house journal “SuGyaan”.
  • Members also proposed to encourage faculty members to publish their research papers in journals with impact factors for improving the image of the institute.

(Dr Chandra Sekhar SF)