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President's Speaks

Dear Prospective Students,

I on behalf of the ever-growing Siva Sivani family and on my own behalf, congratulate you upon your decision to be a part of the S.P.Sampathy’s Siva Sivani Group. Life is a challenge. This challenge must be accepted. Everyone has to identify his/her strengths and weaknesses; strengths should be fortified and weaknesses should be eliminated; identify and exploit the opportunities available and thus rise to the occasion, meet the challenge, fulfill the purpose and achieve the objective.

Discipline reveals divinity. At the outset, I would like to make it clear that we insist on discipline. I firmly believe that without proper discipline, nothing consequential can ever be achieved. With this virtue, others invariably follow. No one does business for fun; no one learns how to do business for fun. Business is a very serious activity on whose well being innumerable lives depend directly or indirectly and hence learning how to do business must naturally be taken as a very serious activity for the sake of one’s own self and for the sake of innumerable others. At Siva Sivani Institute of Management like all other progressive thinking people, we believe that the only thing constant in this world is change, without which, an individual, the society and the environment would become nonconducive for growth and existence.

No condition or a set of circumstances is in itself a calamity to be feared. It is our attitude that makes a “Waterloo” or“a field of triumph”. Our philosophy aptly summarizes our attitude “Preserve what is good, promote what is better and continuously contribute to the peace, progress and prosperity of the human society”.

The Founder of these great institutions, Sri. S.P.Sampathy had started them with a purpose and had set certain goals for Siva Sivani Institute of Management and the group as a whole. In our path of achieving success, we have been producing successful batches of young managers and we proudly admit that each batch has become better than the previous one. Industry has been readily accepting our students year after year. Alumni of this institute have scaled great heights in terms of glory and their career and are being looked upon as role models by the successive batches of students.

Elsewhere, in the Prospectus you will find the list of organisations who have absorbed our students year after year. Today’s world is a place of survival of the fittest. I am confident that a determined effort by you, the faculty and your parents will ensure that enviable results are achieved with ease. We will leave no stone unturned to turn you into Success Securing Intelligent Managers. I hope to have your unstinted cooperation in this endeavor of ours to send you out as Shreshta – The best of the best on the completion of the programme, into the world.

I wish you the very best and look forward to welcome you into the Siva Sivani Family.

President and Chief Executive