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The PGDM courses are conducted under a trimester model. This allows students to undergo more courses to increase opportunities to learn from various teaching methods and also to perform well with intensive study. The PGDM programmes operate through a combination of seminars, presentations, case studies, tutorials, lectures, live projects and industry internship. Some are designed to assist in topping up a professional qualification, while others are reflective in approach, allowing greater emphasis to industrial exposure through industrial visits. A two months intensive industry internship program at a corporate house is taken up by every student to gain hands-on experience. The institute has tie ups with institutios in USA, UK, UAE, etc through which students can take up internships with organisations in these countries subject to certain conditions. In addition to Industry Internship, every student is required to undertake academic project in his/ her respective specialization. Apart from academics, student are trained in Soft Skills, Book Review Sessions, Club Activities, Article Review Sessions, Company Review Sessions, etc., which are tailor-made to ensure overall development of the students.

Industry Internship – Hands on experience

All the students are required to do a mandatory Industry Internship for a period of 6 to 8 weeks after the end of first year. The industry internship provides greater insight into the actual work environment besides developing the ability to tackle a specific problem/ project. The students need to prepare a Project Report for the same.

The Continuous Evaluation

Continuous evaluation system is aimed at motivating the students to absorb knowledge continuously. 50% marks are earmarked for continuous evaluation which includes assignments, Seminars, Presentations, Quizzes, Mid-term Tests, Field work, Case Analysis etc. At the beginning of each term, the faculty concerned spell out the distribution of marks allotted for continuous evaluation in different courses. A Viva-voce is held at the end of every term where panel members will be practitioners from the industry in addition to internal faculty. Attendance at continuous evaluation is compulsory and no special/additional tests will be held for those who absent themselves for any reason. There may be a mid-term examination which will also form a part of the continuous evaluation. The duration and marks allotted will be spelt out by the concerned faculty at the beginning of the term. Students are also subjected to comprehensive objective tests to test and update their knowledge on fundamental concepts.

Term end Evaluation

Examinations carrying 50 marks will be held at the end of each term. The candidates are required to get a minimum of 40 percent marks in externals and an aggregate of 50 percent marks to become eligible for promotion/award of diploma. Candidates who have not passed in 50 per cent of the courses in the first year (first, second and third terms put together), will not be promoted to the second year. The students thus detained, will be required to rejoin the first year along with the next batch of students by paying the prescribed fees. Backlog examinations will be conducted once in a year along with III/ VI term examinations only. A Student joining the course has to invariably complete the course within five years of joining, failing which he/she has to undergo the entire course, provided he/she obtains admission following the procedure in vogue at that point of time. SSIM will issue its certificate to the students who have successfully completed the course, under the signature of its President and Chief Executive like any other autonomous Institute of Management in the Country approved by AICTE. This certificate will state clearly that the candidate has successfully passed and obtained the Two Year Post Graduate Diploma in Management. The Certificate will be awarded at the Annual Convocation (Snatak).

Awards and Accolades

SSIM recognises meritorious students with awards and accolades to encourage them and motivate them for academic excellence. The institute has instituted several awards and medals. Gold Medals and Cash awards are given for • The toppers of each programme. • Topper in every core specialisation viz. Marketing, Finance and General (for PGDM Triple Specialisation)