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Global University of Engineering

GUE is an American University headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. Formed with the vision that students should benefit from expert instructors anywhere on the globe to advance their careers, GUE programs are designed to meet Washington Accord/Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) standards.

One of the unique facets of the GUE programs is a COMMON CORE requirement for all majors. This formulation represents the unique philosophy of GUE – a foundation, a signature and a projection of our vision.

How We Are Different

1. Technology market drivers shape our programs
2. Experts who shape technology are the instructors
3. Relentless focus on individual transformation
4. Unique flexibility in format and delivery
5. 11 months certification program in Big Data (Business & Data Analytics)
6. Option to complete the MS program while working in India
7. Credits earned will be transferred to your MS seamlessly
8. Option to complete MS with Major in Business & Data Analytics in US
9. Option to do OTP while pursuing MS in US
10. You will earn 21 credits as part of the certification program

Course Structure:

1. Linux & JAVA
2. Statistical Analysis
3. Relational Database Management Systems
4. Data Ware Housing & Business Intelligence
5. Machine Learning & Data Mining
6. Big Data & Hadoop
7. Dashboard & Data Visualization
8. NoSQL

Admission & Eligibility:

1. A simple test will be conducted to assess your interest in technology.
2. All other tests and process steps will be exempted for SSIM students
3. Engineering degree in any discipline
4. Student with MSc statistics & Computer Science may also apply.

Next Stage:

1. Once you complete 11 months certifications, two options:
i. Pursue your MS in India while doing your job or otherwise
ii. Complete remaining MS in US @ GUE campus
2. When you pursue MS in USA, you will be eligible for OPT.
3. You will have to earn 20 credits in US.


1. Certified Big Data Professional
2. Certified Big Data Analyst
3. Certified Cloud Architect
4. Certified Android Mobile Developer
5. Certified Data Scientist
6. Certified IOT Specialist
7. IOT 101 Certifications

For registration and further information, pl contact:

Phone 9391114948 / 9866230461 / 040-27165450 – 54.

Email: damanjohar@ssim.ac.in

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