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About Library:

Library at Siva Sivani Institute of Management is known as “Learning Resource Centre”. Since the library established has to cater to the needs of a variety of clientele such as faculty, research scholars, post graduate students and others, a wide range of subject fields are to be represented in our book stock with prime thrust for meeting the needs of users. While keeping in view the mission of our institute to offer excellence in services experienced by students in all facets of their stay at the institute, and for smooth functioning of the library, and safe guarding the interest of all sections of the library users, formation of policies, rules and regulations and implementing the library policies are ensured.

1. The library Located in an Independent Building with an Area of 527.85 Sq.m.

2. Equipped with modern infrastructure with a reading capacity for 130 students

3. Having a Collection of

Print Books

A. Library Books – 22,199

B. Book Bank Books – 16561

C. Project Reports – 692


1. Subscribing more than 9000+ online e-Books through EBSCO – Business & management Core collection

2. Institutional Membership with DELNET Database for e-Books & e-Journals

3. Free Access e-Books more than 22, 40, 000 through online Database

4. CD ROMs / DVDs – 600

5. NEPTEL DIGIMAT Video Lectures on Management – 83

Print Journals

1. Subscribing National Journals – 56

2. Subscribing International Journals – 15

3. Agreement for Exchange of Print Journals with other B-Schools in India – 45

4. Newspapers & Magazines – 30


1. Subscribing more than 10,000 online e-Journals through EBSCO, J-Gate & DELNET Databases

2. Free Access e-Journals of various Publishers

– Automated House-keeping Operations by using “NewGenlib” Library Integrated Software

– Barcoding system :

All the books are barcoded in the library & barcode laser scanners are used in the circulation Counter for book transaction.

List of e-journals available online ( Open source International Journals )

1. International Journal of Business and Management

2. International Journal of Management and Business Research

3. International Journal of Management

5. International Journal of Supply and Operations Management

6. International Journal of Economics Finance and Management Sciences

7. Journal of Financial Risk Management Scientific research publishing

8. Journal of operations and supply chain management

9. Journal of Logistics Management scientific and academic publishing

12. Journal of Risk and financial management


1. Silence & Cleanliness Should be strictly maintained in & around the Library.

2. All the bonafide Students/faculty/ Staff members of SSIM are eligible for membership and use the services of the Library.

3. All the Students / Faculty/ Staff are eligible to borrow / loan books from the circulation section for a period of 15 days for students & 90 days for faculty.

4. All the students / Faculty / Staff should clear the dues within on or before the due date. Defaulters will be fined as per Library rules.

5. While borrowing the books the user is advised to check and ensure that the books are in proper condition.

6. Avoid making pencil /Pen marks, underling, or any other type damage to the books. If any such things are noticed at the time of returning the books, the borrower will be held responsible.

7. In case the book is lost the borrower has to replace the latest edition of the lost title. If the book is not available in print the borrower has to pay the cost of the book as per library rules.

8. Book Bank facility is available for all SSIM students.

9. Book Bank Books will be issued at the beginning of each trimester and same will to be returned at the end of the trimester.

10. Reference books / Journals / Projects Reports/Newspapers/Magazines are not for an issue and they should be referred to within the library only.

11. Watch the notice board of the library every time you visit.

12. All the visitors of the library advised to sign on visitor register whenever you visit the library.

13. The visitors are requested to keep their belongings at the entrance of the library, however they are advised not to leave important & valuable items in the handbag, these items are liable to be lost.

14. Library users are strictly prohibited from taking the personal & borrowed books in a side of the library.

15. Books will be issued to the library members only.

16. Books will be issued subject to availability only.

17. Under special circumstances, the librarian may refuse the issue of books or recall all the books already issued from any member without assigning any reason thereof.

18. Photo copying ( Reprography ) service shall be available for the library materials against payment.

19. The library follows the open Access system to the users, the users can browse the books available terminals, go to the respective bins and pick up the book for either reading in the library or borrow the same.

In Library Collections:

As of March 2019

Print form:-
Total no. of Volumes 35202
Total no. of Library books 22199
Total no. of bank books 13003
Total no. of titles 5570
Total no. of reference books 14780
Total no. of project reports 935
Total no. of CD ROM’s/ DVD’s 597
Total no. of National Journals 56
Total no. of International Journals 15
Total no. of Newspapers 10
Total no. of magazines 20
Total no. of exchange journals 45
Total no. of Journals Back Volumes 188

Digital Form:-

2019 e-Books & e-Journals subscribed Packages

. EBSCO – e-Journals database – Business elite

. EBSCO – e-Books database – Business & management Core Collection

. J-Gate – e-Journals database – Social Science & Humanities

. Institutional Membership for DELNET Database for e-Books & e-Journals

Free Access online e-Books & e-Journals

. – About 22,40,000 free online e-books

. e-Journals- about 60 Free online e-journals on Management

. NAPTEL DIGIMAT – free online Video Lectures on Management Subject – 83

E-Resource Access

E-Resource Access through the internet with Static IP of the Institute and also available Remote Access through the User Name and Password. Periodically user training / user orientation to students/faculty for utilization of library resources and online databases are conducted.

For e-books

1. Ebsco Database for e- books : Click on

Select e-book collection

For Remote Access of Ebsco Database for e-books:

User Name : ssim1

Password : EB@123

2. For DELNET Database: Click on

Select: new discovery portal

User name: tgssims

Password: ssims4976

3. Free Access e-Books Database: Click on

4. For SSIM Books Database: Click on

5. For NPTEL Gigimat Video Lectures: Click on

For e-Journals

1. Ebsco Database for e- Journals: Click on

Select business elite

For Remote Access of Ebsco Database for e-Journals: Click on

User Name : ssim1

Password : EB@123

2. J-Gate Database for e-Journals: Click on

For Remote Access of J-Gate Database for e-Journals: Click on

User name : ssiomuser

Password : ssiomuser1805646993

3. DELNET Database for e-Journals: Click on

Select new discovery portal

User Name : tgssims

Password : ssims4976

4. National Digital Library ( NDL ): Click on ( individual registration is required )

5. NPTEL DIGIMAT Video Lectures: Click on

Library Sections :

1. Administration

2. Acquisition

3. Circulation

4. Reference

5. Periodical

6. Stock Maintenance

7. Reprographic (Xerox)

8. Technical processing

9. Reading

10. Multimedia/ Digital Library

1. OPAC provides access to the SSIM library database.

2. OPAC allows the users to know the library collection and status of the library resources.

3. OPAC allows the users to search the database by Title, Author, Call number, Ac cession Number of the document/ Book.

4. The user can access SSIM OPAC from any computer connected to the SSIM LAN.

All the Final Year outgoing students are informed to follow the following procedure to obtain the library (No-Due Certificate).

1. All the borrowed books ( incl. Book Bank Books ) to be returned to the library

2. Lost books to be replaced with the new copy of the latest edition.

3. All the library dues to be cleared before the next transaction.

Important Instructions :

1. Cell phones are not allowed in to the library.

2. Students are advised to visit the library with their ID card.

3. Students are not allowed into the library without the Institutes ID card.

4. No transactions will be done without a student ID card.

5. Students are advised not to borrow more than one copy of the same title.

6. Library online catalogue ( OPAC ) can searched through campus LAN.

7. Institute is providing Access to e-Journals/e-Books, for access procedure please contact the library Staff / Librarian.

Working Hours:

Monday to Saturday 8.00 AM to 9.00 PM
Sunday & Holidays 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM
During Vacations 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM
During Examinations 8.00 AM to 10.00 PM
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