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Mentor- Mentee Model

The objective of the Practice:
To enable students to have an individual review on the personal and professional front.
The Practice: The institution focuses on the overall development of students by keeping the future of the student professionally, personally by and large envisioning the student to be a responsible citizen. This is enabled by implementing the mentor-mentee (Guru-Shishya) practice to develop the student on the personal front.

Industry-orientated focused programmes:

The objective of the practice: To enable students to become industry ready The Practice: The institute offers focused programmes with a wide choice of modern electives. The institute is one of the few in the country which offers a Programme focusing exclusively on Banking, Insurance and Financial Services. This enables sector-based deep learning which is delivered by industry practitioners as well as academicians. The Industry collaboration enables the student to acquire and improve the skill needed to flourish in the industry. The value-added courses imparting transferable and life skills enable students to acquire skills that are needed to become responsible citizens.